✫ 1069 Vista Bento Hands & Mirium AO




Vista Bento Hands & Mirium AO

I’ve been playing around with the new Vista Bento hands and Miriam AO, also from Vista for a few days now, and I absolutely love them!

The Bento Hands

Out the box they were easy to fit.  I wear the Belleza body so just add the hands, click Slink fit in the shape section of the Belleza HUD and they fit seamlessly.

The hands are Omega enabled so you’ll need to buy the Omega Relay HUD in order to skin match and use polishes from your favourite Omega creators.



The first tab of the HUD is for texturing the hands and comes pre-installed with skins from Glam Affair, The Skinnery and Akeruka which is great. There’s also a colour picker menu and save slots for your own skin tones.  Also installed  for you are tattoos, gloves which you can change with your own appliers,  a selection of polishes and different nail lengths.


The second tab is for the hand gestures with a great selection!  The pre-installed standing animations are great so the box gives you everything you need to get up and running.

The Bento Mirium AO v5

Vista are known for their quality AO’s and this one is no different, exept they’ve gone a step further and brought out the generation 5.  The HUD is smaller and cleaner and in my opinion, easier to use and it sits nicely in the corner of my screen.  For those that prefer V4, those are included too for different avi heights.


The animations in this HUD are very nicely done.  The stands aren’t animated too much which I like, but what I really love is that they’ve included a proximity sensor so when you’re in a crowded space your avi won’t pace or move around bumping into people.

Finally, Miriam comes with some really cute and funny gestures.  Some are in the HUD itself, and some in the mobile phone that is also included.

This is really a super product and I’m really looking forward to more Bento supported animations soon!


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